Pro Tech Mechanical Services.

Project Management

Pro Tech Mechanical is an industrial and commercial service group that covers the entire South Texas region.  PTM offers a variety of service methods to properly service an HVAC system.  With the expertise of qualified technicians, a variety of in house trades including welders, insulators, pipe fitters, controls experts, and many more, Pro Tech Mechanical covers all areas of a facility’s central plant.  We are committed to providing great service and above all customer satisfaction.


Pro Tech Mechanical provides expertise proficiency into many areas of the HVAC industry, but servicing chillers is what PTM does best!  We have factory trained chiller technicians and lifetimes of Chilled water systems knowledge.  Pro Tech Mechanical is blazing the trail for outstanding chiller services.


Introducing Pro Tech Mechanical’s boiler service technicians! Understanding the functionality of a boiler system, the ability to diagnose a problem and the knowledge to take action in providing an immediate solution is the combination needed to extend the life of your facility’s boiler system.  Pro Tech Mechanical can provide the boiler services your facility needs.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers are an essential piece of equipment to an HVAC system and Pro Tech Mechanical understands that.  Cooling tower services provided by PTM are performed by highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in cooling tower industry.  PTM services any and all models of cooling towers and their components and also provides routine maintenance to keep your facilities cooling towers in great working condition.


Pro Tech Mechanical offers the most complete, competitive service for pumps in the HVAC field.  With both in-house and on-the-road technicians, its safe to say, “Pro Tech Mechanical can fix it!” Our experienced staff can handle any of your pump related needs no matter how big or small.

Automated Building Controls

In today’s push for energy conservation, Automated Building Control Systems have taken the driver’s seat for building performance.  As a full service provider, we cover all of your controls needs.  From individual field controller issues, to full building retrofits, Pro Tech Mechanical will get a facility’s control system back under control.

Central Plant Modifications

Central Plants need to be checked for proper function and kept in good, healthy working condition.  Any modifications to a central plant such as equipment change outs, service work, and bringing out dated equipment up to speed is what Pro Tech Mechanical’s certified team of HVAC technicians does best.  Let Pro Tech Mechanical take care of your central plant needs!

Chemical Treatment

Pro Tech Mechanical provides on site inspection performed by qualified technicians as well as chemical testing to prevent scale, corrosion, sludge, and biological growth from taking over equipment.  Custom reports are also generated to show as well as educate our customers about the state of their facilities HVAC system.  Pro Tech Mechanical strives to work together with our customers to keep their equipment in good working condition.

Water Evaporation Credits

Pro Tech Mechanical offers a plan that monitors the exact amount of water that is used by your Cooling Tower system.  We monitor “Make-up” water, as well as the waste water which is “Blow-Down” water.  Our automated systems do the math and save our customers money and energy savings.  Simple, yet effective!

“Hands Free” Facility Plan

Pro Tech Mechanical now offers a budget saving option to keep your facility’s central plant “Hands Free”.  PTM will replace your facility equipment with NO CAPITAL MONEY!  This allows our customers to keep their “Hands Free” for more important issues.  Please call for more details!


Pro Tech Mechanical covers all areas of a facility's central plant.